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The purpose of de-accessioning is to refine the collection so it will continue to reflect the museum’s mission.


The museum will only de-accession objects from the collection for the following reasons:

  1. Duplication or a better example.
  2. The condition of the object threatens itself or the rest of the collection.
  3. The object is not germane to the collection.
  4. The museum cannot care for the object properly.
  5. The authenticity of the object is questionable.

The museum will not de-accession objects that have a known history related to the museum’s purpose.  Prior to considering de-accessioning an object the possibility of transferring the object to another collection maintained by the 48th Highlanders Trust will be explored.

Moneys received from de-accessioning may only be used to purchase new objects for the collection or supplies to preserve the existing collection.

Recommendations for de-accessioning of an object will be reviewed and approved by the Manager and Curator.  If approved, the recommendation will be placed before the 48th Highlanders Trusts.  On their approval, the object will be disposed of.

Objects may only be disposed of by public auction, absolute destruction, or exchange or transfer with another museum with a similar purpose.  Sales, not through public auction, require approval by the Trusts.  No de-accessioned object may be conveyed in any manner to a member of the Trusts, the museum executives, or staff.

All accession numbers will be removed from the object prior to disposal.


  1. Set the Item status of the item to “De-accessioned” and the sub-status to “To be determined.”
  2. Change Location to “Not assigned.” (This ‘location’ is near the bottom of the list.)
  3. When the item is disposed of, change the sub-classification appropriately.
  4. Add Notes as appropriate (e.g., who the item was donated or sold to.)

Note: Items with this status code will not be included in search results that are initiated using the “Search artifacts” or the “Search all” screens. Similarly, de-accessioned items are not included on the “Featured artifacts” screen.

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