Outgoing loans

The purpose of a loan is to enhance the mission of the museum.  This applies equally to incoming loans as to outgoing loans.  The collection management committee has the sole authority to recommend that the museum lend or borrow objects.  This shall not be done without a properly executed loan form. For the loan of […]

Removing items from the collection

Purpose The purpose of de-accessioning is to refine the collection so it will continue to reflect the museum’s mission. Policy The museum will only de-accession objects from the collection for the following reasons: Duplication of a better example. The condition of the object threatens itself or the rest of the collection. The object is not […]

Deleting an item

Authority to delete an item See Removing items from the collection. Who can delete an item from the database? Only Administrators and Editors can delete items. Locate the item Go to the Admin page (called Dashboard) by clicking on “48th Museum” in the upper left corner of the screen. Select Dashboard, click the “Items” menu item […]