Volunteers work as many days as they wish, from one day a month to one or two days a week. A minimum of two volunteers are required for the museum to open on any day to the public.

Special events are staffed by asking for volunteers.

Volunteers arrive by subway, streetcar or train at their own expense. There is no parking at the church.

Volunteers may work independently at the museum on other days and times for tasks that they wish to do, such as research, improving displays, and entering new artifacts onto this web site.

Some data entry and research can be done on-line from your home with periodic visits to the museum to pick up or return materials.

Volunteers do the tasks that they feel qualified to do and wish to do. Training on our history, artifacts, Highlanders, and entering material on to this web site is provided by our experience volunteers.


Guiding Visitors: Conducting individual and group tours; sharing the history of our regiment and Highlanders; describing artifacts

Working with Artifacts: Enhancing and creating displays; researching artifact characteristics and history; entering data and images into our website

Researching 48th Highlanders: searching our records of 48th Highlanders for their descendants; guiding them through Library and Archives Canada, and other sites, for full service records

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