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Location codes


The system allows you to specify in detail where each item is located. It does this by allowing you to specify a location code and optionally a “sub-location” code. There is also a field where you can add free form text.

A location code can refer to a display case, room, building, wall, filing cabinet, etc. You can optionally specify that a particular location has “sub-locations.” Sub-locations might indicate: numbered/named boxes in a storage room, compartments in a display case, drawers of a filing cabinet, binders on a shelf, etc.

Special location codes

There are several “special” location codes:

Not assigned. This is only used for items where the Item status was set to De-accessioned.

Digital file storage. This should only be used where the digital file itself is the item. In other words, you do not have a physical item.

To be determined. Use this during the processing of a new item. Most of the time you will not have ANY items in this “location.”

Cannot be located. If an item goes missing, use this “location” to indicate you can’t find the item.

Out on loan.

Out for repair.


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