Sgt Haley, John James

F54863 Sgt Haley, John James enlisted with The Cape Breton Highlanders. He joined the 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders during the Italian campaign. Records show him with the battalion for the 11 to 13 March 1945 transfer from Leghorn in Italy to Marseilles France when the 1st Canadian Division  moved through France to participate in the […]

Captain John Eric Pollak – Medical Officer

Captain Pollak joined up with the 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders on  or just before 12 December 1944 and after the successful crossing of the Lamone River in northern Italy. He replaced Captain R. A. McIntosh (joined at Miramar, south of Rimini in late October) who was suffering from jaundice. Captain Pollak remained with the battalion […]

Major T. Jack MacArthur

Major T. Jack MacArthur was killed in action in France on August 8, 1944 while with the Royal Regiment of Canada. MacArthur went overseas in December 1942, likely with the Lorne Scots and was with the 48th Highlanders of Canada while in England. He transferred to the Royal Regiment of Canada and went to France […]

ASHLING – possibly son of Ashling – RCAF – Medals

5 mounted medals from Ashling collection – believed to belong to a son of either Harold or Claude Ashling who served with the 15th Battalion, 48th Highlanders in the First World War 1939-1945 Star Air Crew Europe Star Defense Medal Canadian Volunteer Medal 1939-1945 War Medal

Pipe Major Howard (Andy ) Anderson – Medals

Howard (Andy ) Anderson – Medals, mounted. Anderson was Pipe Major for the 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders in England, Sicily and Italy. 1939-1945 Star Italy Star Defense Medal Can. Volunteer Medal Victory Star  

A. V. Irvine – Medals

A. V. Irvine – miniature medals – mounted   Miniatures only 1939-1945 Star Italy Star Defense Star Volunteer Medal 1939 War Medal  

48th Highlanders Cap Badges and Two Identity Discs

Stored together in a shadow box are six different 48th Highlanders cap badges with different designs and colours, though all have on the front a falcon head and the words: “DILEAS GU BRATH   48 HIGHLANDERS”, one of the badges is on a square patch of Davidson tartan, with two identity discs on short chains to […]

48th Highlander Buttons – Gold Plated x 6 – Pte. Eddie Harrison

Round buttons, possibly brass, which are gold plated, all six buttons featuring on the front an image of a falcon head and underneath are the words: “48 HIGHLANDERS”, belonging to Pte. Eddie “Ed” Harrison (M.I.D.), two of the buttons feature a smooth falcon head, four of the buttons feature a detailed falcon head with feathers, […]

Identity Disc and Locket – Pte. W. Chapman

Held together on a small metal key ring are two identity discs of Pte. W. Chapman, one disc is a red circle and the other disc is a green octagonal shape, stamped on the front of both discs from top to bottom are the words: “B85414   PTE   CHAPMAN W.   PRES   CDN”, and the meaning of […]

Canadian Contingent on Salisbury Plain

A 3.75 inch (9.53 cm) by 5 inch (12.7 cm) of “Mac the mascot of the Canadian Highlanders” on the back of the postcard “ MAC “—the Mascot of the Canadian Highlanders. An extraordinary assortment of mascots and pets accompanies the Canadian Contingent. Dogs and goats and other animals are numerous. One regiment actually adopted […]