Cpl Spears RA, CD

Robert “Bobby” Spears followed his father Drummer Joe Spears into the 48th Pipes and Drums as a “Boy Drummer” with 2nd (Home) Battalion 48th Highlanders. He was a tenor/bass drummer. After retiring in the 1970s. having reached Compulsory Retirement Age (CRA) Bob continued to play with the band until his death in.

G. L. Cassaday – Glengarry Cap

Standard issue Glengarry cap with buckle badge issued to G. L. Cassaday.  Buckle badge has red cloth insert behind the badge and is set on a black cloth square patch.

G. L. Cassaday – Balmoral Cap

Interwar Balmoral cap (made by Wm. Anderson and Sons Edinburgh and Glasgow) with name written inside of cap “Lieut G L Cassaday”. Buckle Badge contains a red cloth background patch and sits on a 2″ x 2″ official Davidson tartan.