Maj George W (Geordie) Beal MC

1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders of Canada (CASF) 1940 – 1945 Former Argo QB for 5 seasons (26-30). Retired when League formally approved forward pass. Joined 48th Highlanders at age 31 (Apr 08). Older than all other junior officers and most officers in the Battalion. Arrived in UK as a 48th Officer in late 1940. Stayed […]

Brigadier General GA Young, OMM, MSM, CD (Officer US Legion of Honor)

Commanding Officer 48th Highlanders of Canada 1989 – 1992 Deputy Commanding General Combined Security Transition Command            (Security Reform) 2006 – 2007 Commander 32 Canadian Brigade Group 1997 – 2000 Commander Land Forces Central Area – 2005 BGen Greg Young joined the the 48th Highlanders of Canada under the Student Militia […]

Brigadier General PAG Cameron, OMM, CStJ, CD

Commanding Officer 48th Highlanders of Canada 1967 – 1970 Commander District No 1 du Québec Senior Plans Officer – Chief of Reserves Council Peter Cameron’s lifelong interest in the military resulted in a second and concurrent career which paralleled his business achievements. He commanded the Appleby College Cadet Corps and was later commissioned in the […]

RSM (CWO) David William Crook, CD

Regimental Sergeant Major 48th Highlanders of Canada 1972 – 1979 Dave Crook’s eulogy by BGen (Retd) Greg Young: There are far too many distinguished individuals and representatives from various organizations, so if you will allow me – Ladies and gentlemen, family , comrades, Highlanders and friends of RSM CWO David Crook ,CD. The number of […]

Col John Montgomery Lowndes, OStJ, CD, QC, AdeC

Commanding Officer 48th Highlanders of Canada 1964-1967 Honorary Colonel 48th Highlanders of Canada 1988-1992 Commander Toronto Militia District 1974-1976 Corporal – The Royal Canadian Regiment 1944-1945 John Montgomery Lowndes was born on 8-May-1926 in Toronto.  He  graduated from St Andrews College in 1941 and was awarded the JL Wright Cup for the best Upper School […]

Maj AS Lemesurier CD

Andrew Stuart Lemesurier initially joined the Royal Canadian Artillery in his native Montreal and went to Overseas as a gunner with the 5th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery.  He returned in 1942 and undertook training as an infantry officer at Brockville Ontario. In 1943 he came to 1st Battalion 48th Highlanders in Italy as a reinforcement officer.  While serving […]

Captain William M (Bill) Darling MMM CD

Regimental Sergeant Major 48th Highlanders of Canada (1999-2002) Brigade Sergeant Major 32 Canadian Brigade Group      (2006-2008) Land Forces Area Central Sergeant Major (Reserve)      (2010-2014) William Darling joined in 1979 as a Gunner with 2 Field Royal Canadian Artillery, located in Montreal, Quebec.  In 1982 he relocated to Toronto, Ontario, re-mustered Infantry […]