LCol PAG Cameron, Commanding Officer 1967-70

Brigadier General PAG Cameron, OMM, CStJ, CD

Commanding Officer 48th Highlanders of Canada 1967 – 1970

Commander District No 1 du Québec

Senior Plans Officer – Chief of Reserves Council

Peter Cameron’s lifelong interest in the military resulted in a second and concurrent career which paralleled his business achievements. He commanded the Appleby College Cadet Corps and was later commissioned in the Royal Canadian Armored Corps (McGill Contingent, COTC). After graduation he joined the 48th Highlanders of Canada, becoming Commanding Officer in 1967. During his time in command the Regiment flourished.  It was awarded the Gzowski Trophy as the most proficient Militia Infantry unit for every year during his command as well as the Kitching and Lorne Scot Bayonet trophies.  It contributed “Echo” Company to the 2nd Mobile Command Training Battalion and had its authorized strength increased to 400.  In 1969 the Regiment put on a military tattoo at Maple Leaf Gardens in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Transferred to Montreal, Quebec he was promoted Colonel and Commander District No. 1 du Quebec. On his return to Toronto he was promoted Brigadier-General and appointed SPO, Chief of Reserves Council, the senior planning post for Canada’s Reserve Forces. He served as Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel and Honorary Colonel of the 48th Highlanders of Canada. His son LCol Ian Cameron commanded the Highlanders from 1995-1999.

His  business career included such positions as President and CEO of Canadian Corporate Management, Chairman and CEO of Chromalox Inc., Chairman and CEO of The Garfield Group.  He was founding Chairman, Standing Committee on Foreign Policy and National Defense for the Business Council on National Issues, Special Advisor to the Auditor General during his Audit of Human Resources Management in Canada’s Armed Forces and Co-Chair (with the Minister of National Defence) of Canada’s Defence Industrial Preparedness Council. He was Chair and Co-Chair of Reserves 2000 – a national voluntary coalition of Canadians concerned with the security and defense.

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