Capt. Philip F. Seagram – Medals

Capt. Philip F Seagram medals – three medals and the memorial ribbon/medal. Canadian Defence medal Volunteer service medal 1939-45 war medal Memorial medal and ribbon in original black hinged box ( separate accession) Capt. Seagram (age 30) was the first officer of the 48th Highlanders to be killed in the Second World War – March […]

Capt. Philip F. Seagram Memorial Medal with case

Capt. Philip F. Seagram – Memorial Cross with purple ribbon in original black plastic case. Capt. Seagram (age 30) was the first officer of the 48th Highlanders to be killed in the Second World War – March 8, 1941. While on leave from the Junior Staff College during the bombing blitz of London on March […]

Medals and letters belonging to Lt-Col Graham MacLachlan

-Medal set belonging to Lt. Col. Graham MacLachlan, The Royal Regiment of Canada, brother of Lt. Edward Martin MacLachlan, the first casualty of the 48th Highlanders during the Second World War and Lt. Commander Campbell MacLachlan of the RCNVR. 1939-35 Star, 2. Africa Star w/1st Army bar, 3. France/Germany Star, 4.  Defense Medal, 5. Canadian […]

Capt. Graham MacLachlan, Royal Regiment of Canada – medals

Captain Graham MacLachlan is one of two brothers to Edward MacLachlan. Lt. Ed MacLachlan served with the 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders and was the first 48th Highlander officer killed in action, on the advance to Caltagirone, Sicily on 15 July 1943. 6 medals: a. 1939-45 Star b. Africa Star c. France and Germany Star d. […]

Lt. Edward M. MacLachlan – Medals

Lt. Edward M. MacLachlan, 1st Battalion – Medals 1) 1939-45 Star, 2) Italy Star, 3) Defence Medal, 4) Can. Volunteer Medal, 5) 1939-45 War Medal Lieutenant Edward Martin MacLachlan (age 23) was killed July 15th, 1943, the 1st 48th Highlander officer or man to be killed in action. On the approach to Caltagirone, Sicily, he […]

Sgt Worth, Jerry E. – Medals

B487456  Sgt. Worth, Jerry E. medals, mounted (6) 1939-1945 Star France and Germany Star Defence Medal Volunteer Service Medal 1939-1945 War Medal Can. Forces Service Decoration plus bar. TOS — 13 Feb 48 SOS — 11 Apr 70 RPOR 17/70

Major George C Hendrie – Medals

Medals (4) of Major George C. Hendrie ( starting at Lt and progressing to Maj) during WW II period of time. a) War medal, b) Canadian Volunteer Service medal, c) Efficiency Medal, d) Coronation medal. The medals were received at the museum as separate medals and mounted for display.

Memorial Plaque – LCol W. R. Marshall, DSO

Memorial Plaque sent to the wife of LCol W. R. Marshall, killed in action at Ypres on 19 May 1916 by sniper fire. The Memorial plaque is sent to the widow, mother or designated next of kin for those killed in action. Accompanying the plaque would have been a Silver Cross engraved with his name […]

B73067 Pte. Bisset, Roderick – medals

6 medals: a) 1939 – 1945 Star, b) Italy Star, c) France and Germany Star, d) Defence Medal, e) Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with clasp, f) War Medal (1939 – 45)

B73207 – A/Cpl Lamb, H. – medals

5 medals: a) 1939 – 1945 Star, b) Defence Medal, c) Canadian Volunteer Service Medal, d) War Medal 1939 – 45), e) Canadian Centennial Medal (1967) Medals came individually in cardboard boxes and a medal bar designed for 4 medals, brooch type back. The medals were mounted for display.