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RSM (WO1) George M Stephen

Regimental Sergeant Major
48th Highlanders of Canada

George Stephen was a former teacher of Automotive Mechanics at Danforth Tech. George was born in Scotland and enlisted for three wars. He enlisted in the Boer War, but was found to be underage and sent back home to Scotland. When his family came to Canada, he enlisted with the 48th Highlanders, serving in both the First and Second World Wars. George was the Regimental Sergeant-Major of the 48th Highlanders from 1948 to 1951.

Pte George Matheson Stephen joined the 15th Battalion 48th Highlanders in September 1914 having served two years with the 12th York Rangers.  He served with the unit throughout the First World War and was wounded April 1917 and was discharged in May 1918. He was wounded at St. Julian in April 1915 and again at Vimy Ridge in April 1917.

During the Second World War, George served in the UK, Sicily and Italy. Danforth’s archives have about 10 pieces of correspondence that he had sent to the school during the Second World War. He often wrote in green ink and signed his letters as Steve.

He remained in the Highlanders and during the Second World War served as part of the cadre known as “Maybins Academy” which prepared and trained  reinforcements for overseas service.

He taught at Danforth Technical School and was the subject of a life-size portrait that hangs in the school as part of its significant War Memorial Project. A smaller study from the work by Savard hangs in the 48th Highlanders Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess.

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