LCol Alfred M Cosby - Oil painting in 48th Highlanders

LCol Alfred M Cosby

CO March 1891 – May 1900

Alfred Morgan Cosby was Canadian born the eldest son of John Cosby of Pelham, County Welland, Ontario on 11 September, 1838. He was educated in Toronto, and joined the Bank of Toronto in 1861 becoming manager of the branch at Port Hope. In 1876 he became managing director of the London and Ontario Investment Company, Toronto. He was one of the chartered directors of the Gooderham & Worts Company in 1882. As a public-spirited citizen among the institutions to whose success he contributed were: Upper Canada College, of which he was a trustee and, the Toronto Conservatory of Music, of which he was honorary treasurer. He was also president of the Toronto Cricket Club, the Canadian Cricket Association, and the St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto. His connection with the 48th Highlanders began in August, 1891, and he joined the regiment on its formation in the fall as senior major. He had no previous military experience, but obtained a first-class R.S.I. certificate after his appointment. On the retirement of Lieut.-Colonel Davidson, he succeeded to the command on March 16th 1898, and held office until his death on the 12th May 1900.  His two sons, one a captain and the other a lieutenant, were also in the regiment during his command.

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