Hinged Trench Mirror “Vigilant” WW 1

This 2 inch (5.08 cm) by 3.5 inch (8.89 cm) mirror was designed to be clipped to a bayonet on a rifle. The mirror is hinged to be closed when not in use, as to avoid a gunner’s attention and protect the mirror. If a soldier held the rifle upright above the parapet of a […]

Flask for Rum rations – WWII

A 3.5 inch by 4.5 inch iron flask used as an individual container for emergency rum rations issued to all 48th personnel prior to their embarkation to France in June 1940. Presented by CSM Clem Burdis.

Gas Mask Mark IV Black with Khaki Canvas Case

A 7 inch by 9 inch black rubber gas mask. The Mark IV was the first mask made entirely in Canada with rubber from Goodrich Rubber. On the Eve of the Second World War Canada produced enough masks to supply other Allied nations with anti gas components. The production of the masks was a boost […]

Mills Pattern Grenade No. 36 Mk1

A 4 inch by 2.75 inch diameter metal grenade. The Mills was a classic design; a grooved cast iron “pineapple” with a central striker held by a close hand lever and secured with a pin. According to Mills’s notes, the casing was grooved to make it easier to grip, not as an aid to fragmentation; […]

Roll Call after the 2nd Battle of Ypres

An 8.5 inch by 14 inch black and white photograph framed in black wood of the roll call of the 15th Battalion on April 25th 1915 after the battle of Second Ypres. This was the first use Chlorine gas against Allied troops, first against the Algerians on 22 April and then the Canadians – 15th […]

48th Highlanders Cap badges 1911-1919

  These badges are part of a complete collection of cap-badges struck since the founding of the regiment in 1891. The collection was created and donated by CCWO W.P. Elms, MMM, CD. CCWO W.P. Elms was regimental Sargeant Major 1961 – 1970, co-founder of the regimental museum in 1957, its curator from 1959 to 996 […]

Telephone Set DMKV 1940

The Telephone D Mark V is a Second World War era portable telephone designed for field use in Army formation forward of Divisional Headquarters. In addition to the ability to talk, it provides a call buzzer, a bell indication of an incoming magneto generator call, aural indication of an incoming buzzer call and the ability […]

Staff car flag of Field Marshal Sir B. L. Montgomery on V-E day

Small Royal Union Flag (Union Jack), circa 1944, reported by Lt. Col. Trumbull Warren as being flown from Field Marshal Sir B.L. Montgomery’s staff car on V-E Day. The  flag was given to Warren by Field Marshall Montgomery, along with a carbon copy of the Surrender Document signed at Luneburg Heath on 4 May 1945 […]