48th Highlanders Cap badges 1911-1919


These badges are part of a complete collection of cap-badges struck since the founding of the regiment in 1891. The collection was created and donated by CCWO W.P. Elms, MMM, CD. CCWO W.P. Elms was regimental Sargeant Major 1961 – 1970, co-founder of the regimental museum in 1957, its curator from 1959 to 996 and official advisor to the Canadian War Museum.

22. Buckle Cap badge & “Canada” shoulder title made by Roden Bros, 1916.

23. 48th Regiment (Highlanders) C.E.F. Officers Cap badge & Collar Badge 1914.

24. 48th Buckle Cap badge C..F. Men’s & Collar Badge 1914.

25. 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) C. E. F. Cap badge issued to the 34th Draft in England, made by Tiptaft B’ham, & Shoulder Titles.

26. 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) C. E.  F. Cap badge & Collar Badge & Shoulder Titles, made by Tiptaft B’ham, Blackened Copper.

27. 92nd Battalion C.E.F. Cap badge (has a full belt buckle) made by Ellis Bros. Toronto & Collar Badge & Shoulder Titles.

28. 48th Buckle Cap badge 1911-1938.

29. Buckle Cap badge 1911-1938, made by J. W. Tiptaft & Son

Badge 1914. Ltd. Birmingham, white metal.

30. Buckle Cap badge 1911-1938.

31. 134th Battalion C.E.F. Cap badge & Collar Badge & Shoulder Titles. Shoulder Titles, made by Ellis Bros. Toronto.

32. 92nd Buckle Cap badge (with half belt buckle) made by Taft

33. 1st Draft of the 92nd Battalion C.E.F. Cap badge.

34. 134th Officers Cap badge, Sterling Silver.


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CCWO W.P. Elms
1891 – 1913 Early years, 1914 – 1919 (WW 1)
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Case 31 Badges
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