T C Wasson -Islington shooting medallion

Pte Wasson 1897 Islington Tournament Medallion

The top of the medallion is a brooch pin with the Crown and Cipher flanked by the Regiment’s Colours worked in white, red and blue enamel and 1897. Below this are two horizontal bayonets and a green banner with the word ISLINGTON. Hanging from two chains below is the Dominion Shield flanked by maple leafs and the clasp DIAMOND JUBILEE 1837-1897 and a thistle on the bottom. A further set of chains hangs a bust of Queen Victoria surmounted by crossed rifles and the banner VICTORIA. The Cap-badge of the 48th Highlanders is the final element of the medal mounted on a cross in-filled with shells and surrounded by a wreath of maple leafs and thistles. Mounted from the brooch pin and hanging behind the medal is a stripped ribbon in the regiment’s colours. Engraved on the back is the name Pte T.C.Wasson. These medals were likely given out to the members of the 48th Highlanders team attending the tournament.

Excerpt from the book “The 48th Highlanders of Toronto” by Alexander Fraser, Ph.D. (1900): “The citizens of Toronto, the City Council, and the Ontario Government subscribed handsomely to the fund required to cover the expenses of the trip. The ten members of the team were: Sergt.-Instructor Williams, “H” Co., in command, Pte. Rankin and Pte. McCheyne, “A” Co., Pte. Campbell and Pte. Rae, “E” Co., Pte. Wallbridge and Pte. DeLisle, “G” Co., Pte. Stewart, Pte. I. McLean and Pte. Wasson, “H” Co. The team was accompanied by Major Wilbur Henderson, “H” Co. The contests were with bayonets, and though the Highlanders were in excellent form, few Canadians expected the victory would have been so complete and glorious. The Highlanders won in three contests.”

Associated place
Royal Military Tournament in Islington, U.K.
Associated event
1897 48th Champion Bayonet Fighting Team of the British Empire.
Associated name(s)
Wasson, T. C. Pte
1891 – 1913 Early years
Location of artifact
Case 21/22 Sports


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