Islington medal given by the City of Toronto to members of the 48th Highlanders team sent to the tournament.

48th medallion – Islington Tournament 1897 – Pte George Stewart

Ribbon in 48th colours black/red/green/red/blue/red/black; crown with two flags; 2 bayonets with “Islington” 1897; a bust of Queen Victoria with crossed rifles; 48th cap badge surrounded by thistles; likely belonging to Pte George Stewart; given to team members of the 48th Highlanders by the City of Toronto’s council

Excerpt from the book “The 48th Highlanders of Toronto” by Alexander Fraser, Ph.D. (1900): “The citizens of Toronto, the City Council, and the Ontario Government subscribed handsomely to the fund required to cover the expenses of the trip. The ten members of the team were: Sergt.-Instructor Williams, “H” Co., in command, Pte. Rankin and Pte. McCheyne, “A” Co., Pte. Campbell and Pte. Rae, “E” Co., Pte. Wallbridge and Pte. DeLisle, “G” Co., Pte. Stewart, Pte. I. McLean and Pte. Wasson, “H” Co. … Thus private George Stewart won the Championship, and Privates Rankin and Wasson also did brilliant work, while Sergt. Williams discharged his duty most creditably.”

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Pte George Stewart
1914 – 1919 (WW 1)
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Research room – To be determined


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