48th Advance to Rimini

A 6.5 inch by 11.5 inch map #9 hand drawn by Brigadier Eric Haldenby for the Second War History of the 48th Highlanders, 1st Battalion – Dileas by Kim Beattie.

In the last week of August 1944, the entire Canadian Corps began its attack on the Gothic Line with the objective of capturing Rimini. On August 25, the Canadians crossed the Metauro River, the first of six rivers lying across the path of the advance. They moved on to the Foglia River to find that the Germans had concentrated their forces here. It required days of bitter fighting and softening of the line by Allied air forces to reach it. The army’s official historian recorded: “The German Gothic line uncharacteristically held deep defences back to Rimini. What was to have been a headlong pursuit turned into a bitter, creeping battle which lasted 18 days.”

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Italy, Rimini
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