Drum Major Alec Marr Sep-39 (later RQMS)


Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) 1ST Battalion, 48th Highlanders of Canada (CASF)

Drum Major, 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders of Canada (CASF) – 1939



Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Regimental Quartermaster Serjeant Alexander Taylor Marr landed in Sicily with the 48th Highlanders of Canada as a Company Quartermaster Serjeant.  Although his duties during the campaigns in Italy were not of a spectacular nature he did on many occasions far exceed the normal limits of his duties.  It is to his credit that throughout the battles of the Moro River, the Hitler Line and the Gothic Line, o  the personnel in his company were never lacking in supplies and equipment. This achievement was only  made possible by the initiative and determination of Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Marr.  On many occasions he personally carried the rations to the most forward of the fighting platoons.

Regimental Quartermaster Serjeant Marr distinguished in the battle of the Lanone River. He organized an urgently required bridging party and personally directed the first  operation across the river.  As a result of his capable management during the time when the crossing was being made he contributed largely to the success of the operation.

Regimental Quartermaster Serjeant Marr has won the admiration of his superior officers by his constant loyalty, his painstaking efforts and his perseverance in the face of difficulties. His devotion to duty and outstanding example have been instrumental in maintaining the high standard of morale that exists within the Battalion.  At all times he has distinguished himself by meritorious service.

During the period his uint took part in Northwest Europe Regimental Quartermaster Serjeant Marr continues to show the same loyalty and devotion to duty that he had shown in Italy.

Militia / Reserve Bn, 48th First Bn (WW 2)
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