Sgt Johnson, SJ DCM

An Original 1st Battalion Highlander who earned the DCM with the                       Highland Light Infantry of Canada

Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM)

Following and assault on the south bank of the Schelde, Sgt Johnson was in charge of a section of 3″ mortars under command of “B” Company, The Highland High Infantry of Canada. At 1400 hrs, 10 Oct 1944, “B” Company was assaulting gan enemy strong-point at 1400 hrs near Pavilgeon.  The enemy position consisted of dug in machine gun positions and 20mm guns and had held up our advance for the past 36 hours.

In order to observe properly, and correct his section’s mortar fire, it was necessary for Sgt Johnson to take up an exposed position that was being swept by enemy machine gun fire. In that position he was wounded, but stayed at his post and continued to direct his section’s covering fire on “B” Company’s assault. He was wounded a second time, and then a third time, but still continued at his post directing mortar fire of his section.  Only when the objective was captured, consolidated, and all danger of immediate counter attack was past did he permit himself to be removed from his post and his wounds dressed.

Through his superb handling of his section and complete disregard for his own safety, Sgt Johnson inflicted heavy damage upon the enemy and enabled the infantry to capture its objective, thus securing the battalion beachhead, permitting the landing of supplies..

Supplement to London Gazette 36961 –  1 March 1945

48th First Bn (WW 2)
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