Sgt Gauthier AJ, MM (MID)

Andrew Joseph (Joe) Gauthier joined 1st Bn 48th Highlanders in September 1939. In early 1945 when 1st Battalion 48th Highlanders left Italy for Northwest Europe Sgt Joe Gauthier was the last remaining “39er” who had served in every action/battle with the Battalion in Sicily and Italy.

He was discharged at Toronto in June 1945, but re-enlisted in August 1950 into the Canadian Army (Special Force) and saw service in Korea with the 22e Régiment from April to December 1951. He subsequently served with the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment (2RCR), with whom he qualified for the Canadian Parachute Badge in November 1952, and the 3rd Battalion. The Royal Canadian Regiment (3RCR), with whom he again served in Korea from February 1953 to February 1954 when that unit was designated as 1st Battalion of the newly formed Regiment of Canadian Guards. In  November 1954, In November 1955 he left the Canadian Army (Regular). After Korea it was believed that he had volunteered to serve with the French in. Indochina but this was never confirmed.

Military Medal (MM)

At 1330 hours, 17 September 1944, “C” Company, 48th Highlanders of Canada was attacking enemy positions in the area of a track junction at MR873939 about 900 yards Northwest of the RIMINI Airport.  This objective was on flat open ground and was overlooked by a strong enemy position on the high feature known as KESTREL 861936.  The approaches to this objective were covered by well sited and concealed enemy MG positions.  B739200 Corporal (Lance Sergeant) Andre Joseph Gauthier commanded 13 Platoon of “C” Company which was leading the attack.

As the company crossed the start line they came under very heavy aimed MG and mortar fire, which temporarily pinned the company down.  In the face of this. withering fire, lance Sergeant GAUTHIER moved across this open ground and led his platoon forward to a position from which the final assault on the objective could be made.  During this time the company commander had been seriously wounded and the remainder of the company were still pinned down and unable to get ahead.  In spite of the fact that there was only one platoon in a position to attack the objective, Lance sergeant GAUTHIER organized the final assault and led it himself, personally killing one German paratrooper and wounded at least five others, during the process of clearing the position.  Although still under heavy enemy fire, Lance Sergeant GAUTHIER organized his platoon in a strong defensive area prior to the arrival of the remainder of the company.

Throughout the whole action, this NCO’s gallant leadership, calm control and complete disregard for his own personal safety were an inspiration and example to the men of his platoon.  His quick, determined action and skillful leadership were largely responsible for the success of this attack.

Mention in Dispatches (MID)

CG 31

The Queen has been graciously pleased to approve the award of Mentioned-In-Despatches in recognition of gallant and distinguished conduct in Korea to

Private Gauthier Andrew  Joseph (RCIC) – 2nd Battalion, Royal 22nd Regiment

48th First Bn (WW 2)
Service number
B73900: B802044 SB73900
Date of attestation
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