Sgt Fraser CB, MM

Sgt B Fraser was an original 1st Bn 48th Highlanders “39er” who landed at Pachino with B Coy. For his actions during the ambush at the crossroads near Leonforte on 23-Jul-43, He was also wounded during the later stages of the attack.  Sgt Fraser became the first 48th Highlander to be awarded the Military Medal (MM) during the Second World War.



Military Medal (MM)

On the evening of 23 July 1943 the Bn was advancing in the direction of AGIRA, Sicily.  The Coy came under intense fire from tanks and machine guns.  The Coy deployed and two platoons on the right flank were pinned by fire.  Sgt Fraser was of invaluable assistance in organizing his pl and another pl that had become mixed with his.  He continually encouraged his men by calling to individuals and personally crawling among his men to collect Bren mags to supply gunners, and when one gunner was knocked out, maintained and fired his weapon.  When ordered to take up a new position he personally conducted four parties of his men to the new location and then searched the field, still under intense fire, to assure himself that no wounded had been left.

48th First Bn (WW 2)
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