PTE. EVANS, David Thomas – B72590

Evans would have listed in 1939 in Toronto with the 48th Highlanders, 1st Battalion. The battalion travelled by train from Toronto on 17 December 1939 to Halifax where they embarked on the Reina del Pacifico as part of the convoy to England, landing in the Clyde on 30 December 1939, then by train to Aldershot to arrive in Corunna Barracks by New Year’s morning, 797 all ranks. He landed in France in June 1940 as a part of an attempt by Prime Minister Churchill to convince the French to continue fighting. However, the 48th, as part of a Canadian contingent sent to France, was ordered to return after penetrating 300 km inland. Eventually Evans became a guard at one of the detention barracks and was returned to Canada due to his advanced age. He was awarded his Efficiency Medal and three bars in 1952 all at the same time. One of just 140 men to receive such a combination. He did have 20 years’ service NPAM.

Prior to joining the 48th Highlanders Evans did service with the Royal Marines but his service did not result in any awarding of medals.


48th First Bn (WW 2)
Service number

Data source(s)

“B72590 Pte Evans. D. T. on Part II Orders No. 9, 17 Feb 42, S.L. No 50 Serial 42. on S.S Reina Del Pacifico.”
Family Member/Archives
Independant research source - Kyle Scott
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