Pte Ardagh, R. B.

R. B. Ardagh joined D Coy of the 2nd Battalion, 48th Highlanders on 3/6/41 and was given the service number B485914. He was struck off strength on 9/1/42 with the notation “Unable to parade”.

Pte Ardagh, Victor Roland

Victor Roland Ardagh, attested for the First World War with the 84th Battalion and was given the service number 164665.  On his attestation paper he stated that he was 2 years with the 48th Highlanders as a bugler and was at the time with the 109th Bn Militia. The 58 Dupont Street address is the […]

RQMS Oscar Prior Ardagh, MBE

Oscar Prior Ardagh, nickname “Plug”, joined the 48th Highlanders on 21 October 1904 at the age of 16 as a bugler. He was confirmed as a Private on 17 September 1909. His date of birth was 07 May 1888. As a Private he and his brother Corporal Richard Charles Ardagh were on the train that […]

Pte. Fitkin, Arnold Edward – 1st Bn

  B73038 Pte Fitkin, Arnold Edward enlisted in the 48th Highlanders, 1st Battalion (Date tbd). He was in the Slow Convoy when the battalion shipped to the Landings at Pachino Sicily on 9 July 1943.  His ship was torpedoed and Fitkin arrived in Libya (Oran?) before being shipped to catch up with the battalion. He […]

Col. Sgt. Dewar, Robert George

Dewar R.G., age 24, enrolled 6 Mar 1893 in the 48th Regiment (Highlanders) and was assigned to E Company. He was discharged on   November 1899. While with the 48th he was promoted to Corporal on  30 January 1896, then Sergeant on  14 May 1897 and finally to Colour Sgt. on  7 October 1898. He was […]

Mortimer, Thomas Caunter, 92nd and 15th Bns

192851 Pte Mortimer, Thomas Caunter attested with the 92nd Battalion, 48th Highlanders on 8 September 1916. Once in England he was transferred to the 15th Battalion, 48th Highlanders on 27 August 1916. Pte Mortimer was killed in action 07 October 1916 at The Somme in the trenches near the Sugar Refinery and behind Courcelette relieving […]


William Noble was 25 years of age in 1899 based on the Casualty Book.

Pipe Sergeant Cameron MacKay

Cameron MacKay enlisted with the 48th Highlanders (militia) on 16 April 1934 and was assigned to the Pipe Band. During the Second World War Cameron MacKay enlisted with the 2nd Battalion, 48th Highlanders on 08 January 1943. He was assigned the service number B486575 in “Band, Bn HQ”. A handwritten comment on the entry stated […]

Sgt Cameron F. MacKay

Cameron MacKay enlisted with the 48th Highlanders on 16 May 1934 and joined the Pipe Band as a piper. He was a Pipe Sgt during the war, with the home battalion. (more research required.)