Miniature Medals on Mess Kit - RSM (WO1) Frederick Wigmore, MM, CD

WO 1 Frederick Wigmore Miniature Medals

10 Medals a) Military medal b) General Service Medal (George VI) c) The 1939-1945 Star d) The Italy Star e) The France & Germany Star f) Defence medal g) Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Clasp h) 1939-1945 Medal i) 1953 Coronation Medal j) Canadian Forces Decoration (George VI)

WO1 Frederick Wigmore, MM, CD was Regimental Sergeant Major 1951 to 1956. He was an “original” of the 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders, going overseas with the regiment as part of the 1st Canadian Expeditionary Force in December 1939, serving in Sicily, Italy and Holland.

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General Service medal – ?, WW2 – ?
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