Sweatshirt with bullet holes – Pte. John Tescione

This sweatshirt was sent to all members of the 48th Highlanders serving in Yugoslavia with the UN by the 48th Chapter of the Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire (IODE) for Christmas 1994. Pte John Tescione was wearing it for warmth under his uniform when he was shot multiple times on New Year’s eve, 1994, at a road block by Serb troops. One bullet hole is visible on the upper left side. Members of his section who signed it later presented it to Pte Tescione.

After hospitalization and rehabilitation Tescione returned to duty with the 48th Highlanders in Toronto rising to the rank of Sergeant.


Associated place
Yugoslavia, southern Croatia
Associated event
Peacekeeping mission with United Nations
Associated name(s)
Sergeant John Tescione; Pte Phillip Badanai
1946 – 1999 Late 20th C.
Location of artifact
Case 28/29 NATO UN

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