Mk2 Sten Bolt Closed
Mk2 sten with the bolt closed

Sten MK II 1943 Submachine gun

The Sten mk2 is a sub-machine gun chambered in 9×19 NATO built to replace the prohibitively expensive Thompson sub-machine gun in British Service as the Sten gun is a much simpler and more cost-effective design, especially during the trade embargo in place on Britain during World War 2. The Sten was initially manufactured in Britain in 1940 by Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) then it was quickly manufactured in other locations around the world within the commonwealth, for our purposes that is specifically the Long Branch Arsenal in Canada. It was adopted in 1940 and first used for the raid on Dieppe, replacing the Thompson in Canadian Service. It was manufactured in Canada until 1944, when the production of the Sten was no longer necessary. It was used up until 1958, when it was replaced with the C1 Sub-machine Gun, also known as the L2A1 Sterling Sub-machine gun, in British service. This is one of only three Sub-machine Guns used by Canada in its entire History. The name derives from letters taken from the name of the two designers, Shepherd and Turpin, and the EN for the Enfield factory. It was modelled after the German MP40. It was known by a number of uncomplimentary names, including “plumbers nightmare”,  because of the many problems with the magazine, which also plagued the MP40.

* Parabellum is a code word and telegraphic address used by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken AG. It was applied to several of their products. Later Classified as 9×19 NATO and adopted as the Standard NATO Pistol/Sub-machine Gun Calibre by the  NATO Alliance and many countries within its sphere of influence.

Long Branch – 7L0058 Automatic;

Length 30 in, 762 mm;

barrel length 7.7 in,  196 mm;

Cal. 9 mm Parabellum*;

blow-back operation;

magazine (32-round capacity);

Rate of fire 550 rds/min;

muzzle velocity 1250 ft/sec, 381 m/sec;

Weight 6 lbs 8 oz (2.95 kg)

Disabled and Inspected: Barrel has been cut. Magazine welded on.

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1939 – 1945 (WW 2), 1946 – 1999 Late 20th C.
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Case 6 Fld Uniforms


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