100th Anniversary St Andrews Pin

St. Andrew’s Cadet Corps 100th Anniversary Pin – 2005

Circular design, a cadet in full dress uniform protruding at top with St. Andrew’s Cross superimposed in centre of badge. On one side are maple leafs and the other thistles.  Markings: on front around outer edge of badge “ST. ANDREW’S COLLEGE HIGHLAND CADET CORPS” and “1905 – 1995”. On a red scroll below “DILEAS GU BRATH” “. On back “AT”.

The association of the 48th Highlanders with St Andrew’s College began in 1905 when 70 boys from the school decided to form a cadet corps. They requested assistance from the 48th and permission to wear the scarlet tunic with a Gordon kilt. Officers in the 48th had strong ties to St Andrew’s and permission was granted quickly. The regiment provided instructors to establish training, drill, shooting and dress. In 1915, the school formed a cadet band of pipers, buglers and drummers under the direction of Pipe Major James Fraser of the 48th Highlanders. Piper training and connections to the cadet corp and the college remain to this day.


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2000 – 21st C.
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Case 35/36 Cadets
Personal, Memorabilia

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