Soldier, 15th Bn in battle gear

Ink Drawing, shellacked,  by Jack Banton on particle board 6″ x 9″ of 15th Battalion 48th Highlander in full battle equipment. All mounted on black foam board with flat stand.

Private John Erwin Banton attested into the 92nd Battalion CEF on 14 Aug 1915.  He rose to the rank of Sgt in the 92nd Battalion but was reduced in rank when he was sent in a reinforcement draft to the 15th Battalion, No. 1 Company, No. 4 Platoon, Bombing section. He was commissioned from the rank of Corporal in early 1918 and finished the war as a Lieutenant with the 15th Battalion.

Lt John E. Banton was the unofficial artist of the 15th Battalion whose pencil sketches depicted life at the Front and in the trenches. These period sketches are preserved in the archives of the 48th Highlanders Regimental museum.

His son Major D. Banton served with the 1st Bn 48th Highlanders during World War II.

Associated place
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1914 – 1919 (WW 1), 1920 – 1938 Interwar period
Location of artifact
Case 16/17 Trench

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