Silver cigarette case, wedding present to Captain Donald Mackenzie - 1940

Silver cigarette box – gift to Capt. Donald Mackenzie

Silver cigarette box, gift to Captain Donald Mackenzie upon his marriage to Louise Oxley at St. George’s Church in late February 1940. Silver rectangular prism – box with hinged lid; inscription on lid – “Donald Mackenzie on the occasion of his marriage from Trumbull Warren”; lined in wood , two compartments.

Subsequently, Captain Mackenzie was ADC to General Montgomery, returning to the 48th Highlanders as second-in-command in time for the regiment’s breakthrough of the Hitler Line in the Liri Valley overlooked by Monte Casino, in which his skilled direction of artillery fire played a critical role. Mackenzie was promoted to LCol after the Hitler Line and led the regiment up the Adriatic coast through the Gothic and Rimini Lines and the Lamone River crossing in northern Italy. While Commanding Officer, Colonel Mackenzie was killed in action in Holland on 12 April 1945, in the regiment’s last series of battles in the war. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order and, by the Americans, the Distinguished Service Cross.

Associated place
England, Aldershot
Associated event
Donald Mackenzie was married Feb 1940, St. George Church, Aldershot, England. Donald Mackenzie was the Commanding Officer, 48th Highlanders, WWII, Killed in Holland 1945.
Associated name(s)
Donald Mackenzie
1939 – 1945 (WW 2)
Location of artifact
Case 41 Mackenzie
Other, Memorabilia

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