Side Drum 48th – 1940

Side Drum emblazoned with 48th Crest plus WWI Battle honours and South Africa 1899-1900.

During the 48th Highlanders brief foray into France in June 1940 the Pipes and Drums had to abandon their drums before being evacuated back to England. Later that year in September Mr. Ernest F. Cooper Esq. of the Gillette Razor Company of Great Britain presented the band with a new set of eight side drums (one shown here), two tenor drums and a base drum. The set was manufactured by Henry Potter & Co.

The set of drums served the 48th Highlanders all through Sicily, Italy, Northwest Europe and its return to Canada in 1945. The set continued to serve the home unit into the 1960s.

Associated place
France, England
Associated event
Presentation of new set of drums; Foray to France 13 to 16 June 1940
Associated name(s)
Ernest F. Cooper, Esq.
1939 – 1945 (WW 2)
Location of artifact
West window wall

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