Side Drum 48th 1929

Side Drum with 48th Crest and WWI Battle honours and South Africa 1899-1900. This drum has a silver plate presentation attached. The drum is a “Guards’ Style” drum (so called because it is 19″ in diameter) as opposed to the “Line Regiments’ Style” (18″ diameter). On the inside of the drum shell appear the names of two drummers who used this drum in the 1950s, J. Spears and L. Tucker. Also of note is the antiquated “hook” snare suspension on the side of the drum.

This drum was one of a set of 12 side drums, 2 tenor drums and a bass drum, a gift to the Regiment by Lt. R.A. Ross in 1929. Lt. Ross had served with the 15th Bn. (48th Highlanders) during WWI. When the 1st Bn. of the 48th Highlanders departed overseas in 1939 the Band carried this complete set of drums less four of the side drums which were left with the 2nd Bn. in Canada. This drum continued to be used by the 48th Pipes and Drums into the 1960s.

silver plate pres. By Lt. R.M. Ross 1929 “#4”

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J. Spears, Lloyd Tucker
1920 – 1938 Interwar period, 1939 – 1945 (WW 2), 1946 – 1999 Late 20th C.
Location of artifact
West window wall
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