Sgt. Drummer Full Dress

The uniform of a Sergeant Drummer of the Pipes and Drums, or Military Band, circa 1939 – 1981.

Feather bonnet – white plume – 48th buckle badge – Drummer’s scarlet doublet (tunic) with 2 epaulettes with white braiding upon which are crowns. Similar braiding around collar and down both sleeves;  Davidson tartan Kilt; black horse hair sporran with 2 white tails on a black leather backing with leather top edged with a metal rim, plus 48th Highlander Diamond Badge) white Baldric over the right shoulder with gold 48th Diamond badge and brass fittings and hoops for the drum carrier (sling);  diced hose tops and 2 scarlet garter knots; white spats with 8 white buttons; black shoes; 2 drum sticks; white waist belt with brass buckle;  2 Falcon collar dogs;  2 sets “48” numerals;  Sgt’s gold chevrons (stripes) with  metal drum badge above on left arm

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