Front of a parcel receipt postcard from RSM Lewis E DeHarte to his family, sent out on April 21, 1916.

Prisoner of War Receipt for Parcel by RSM Lewis E. DeHarte – April 21, 1916

A postcard sent home from a German prisoner of war camp, Göttingen Camp in Göttingen, Hannover, Germany, by RSM Lewis E. DeHarte, addressed to his children in Toronto, Canada, acknowledging a parcel was received. The postcard is made of cardstock and is a yellow-brown colour, with writing in pencil on both sides of the postcard. The postcard is stamped on the front with an ink stamp by the Camp’s German Military Postal Examination Office, a Göttingen post office, and a London post office. Also printed on the front, in the top right is: “Kriegsgefangenensendung” (meaning prisoner of war mail), and in the middle left is the camp and its location: “Gefangenenlager Göttingen” (meaning prison camp Göttingen) “(Prov. Hannover) Deutschland”. On the back of the postcard is a printed template with the blank spaces filled in with writing by RSM Lewis E. DeHarte: ”

Receipt for Parcel.

__________ (Receiver was written on this line by RSM Lewis)

          I have received your parcel posted on __________ (Date was written on this line by RSM Lewis) for which I thank you

(Signature) ______________ (Signature drawn here by RSM Lewis)

P. S.   It is forbidden to enclose letters in parcels. ”

The writing on the lines are as follows: “Dear Chum” and “_______”.


NOTE: This and other similar “Receipt for Parcel” postcards by RSM Lewis E. DeHarte are stored in a Ziploc bag with the postcard under the accession number 2009015005.

Associated place
Göttingen, Germany
Associated event
Associated name(s)
1914 – 1919 (WW 1)
Location of artifact
Research room – To be determined
Personal, Documents


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