48th Highlanders Band Washington, D.C. 11th Nov 1927

48th Pipe Band at Washington, D. C. Army school campus – Nov. 11, 1927

A 10 inch by 18 inch black and white photograph in a black frame with a white matte of the 48th Highlanders pipes and drums on November 11, 1927 at the Washington D.C. army school campus.

Associated place
USA, Washington D.C.
Associated event
Associated name(s)
(drummers) 1.R Spears, 2.J Clegg, 8.W.K.Tooze (pipers 2nd) J. Stracham (pipers 1st) J.R. Fraser, R. Smith, T. Thompson, R.A. Grant, A. Anderson, J. Cruickshank, R. Lindsay, Colin Mackay, W. Burns, D/M Kirkaldy
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