1954 Pattern Battle Dress blouse - 25th Brigade patches

Parade Dress 1954

The mannequin represents a Highlander with patches and ribbands reflecting service with the 25th Brigade in Korea. He is wearing: diced Glengarry with 48th (5 diamond) badge; Battle Dress blouse 1954 pattern;  Davidson kilt ; leather sporran with 48th diamond Badge;  red & black diced hose tops with red garter knits; blue putties; ankle boots;  Sgt’s Red Sash; web pattern waist belt, “capoed” in olive drab, with “48” Diamond badge belt buckle;  48th Highlanders shoulder titles; 25th (Cdn) Brigade patch;  1st Commonwealth Division patch;  khaki shirt;  Davidson tie, NCO pattern; – on the uniform are replica ribbands for the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade (Korea) – Queen’s Korea Medal, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal for Korea, UN Service Medal Korea.

(Note: The mannequin patches with 48th Highlander shoulder flashes and other 48th Highlander badges is incorrect. Highlanders, following training in Canada, would have been rebadged, most often Black Watch, for transfer to Korea as part of the 25th Brigade. The Commonwealth Division patch would have been removed upon return to Canada and rejoining the 48th. The red patch, after Korea, was worn up to the early 1970s as the Canadian national identifier until replaced by the Canadian flag.)

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1946 – 1999 Late 20th C.
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Case 4 Floor


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