Front of both pages of RSM L.E. DeHarte's letter, written home back to his wife while in France, on April 14, 1915. The last portion of his letter is a small section addressed to his daughter.

Letter Home by RSM L.E.DeHarte – April 14, 1915

Letter sent back home by RSM L.E. DeHarte to his wife while he was in France, written on April 14, 1915. The letter is on two pieces of yellowed paper, both are the same size and with a red printed image in the top left of the 48th Highlanders’ badge and text below the badge reading: “ALLIED WITH THE GORDON HIGHLANDERS”. The contents of the letter are written on the front of the first page, and the front and back of the second page. Though, the bottom of the first page is partially torn and the text is partially smudged.

The transcript of the letter is as follows:

” France. 14 . 4. 15

Dear Chum. –

I received your letter & parcel and both were most welcome. We have had a lot of marching lately. The roads are paved with large cobble & play the devil with the men’s feet. The weather here is much like home. We seldom need an over coat now. We are resting for a couple of days before going back to the trenches. Gen. Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien said the other day that he did not expect the war to last this next winter. If we do not move tomorrow I will write to Bill. What I need most is Khaki socks long enough to come to the point of my knee & of medium thickness. Do you think can manage a couple of pairs a month? The wearing of these thick hose-tops & socks both is going to be very hot on the feet & legs shortly because we wear puttees & turn the hosetops down over them. I send money to England & get 100 cigarettes a week from. Can’t write much on account of the censors.

Love  Lewis

Darling Jin –

Your daddy loves to get your notes & kisses. I am glad that you like going to school. I may be back home before next year this time.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Daddy

PS. –

I have been granted 2nd class warrant Rank. If my warrant comes to me here I will send it on to you.”

Below this line is RSM DeHarte’s signature.

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1914 – 1919 (WW 1)
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