Cpl G. Winton medals

192073 L/Cpl George Winton – Medals

2 Medals a) British War Medal (1914 – 18) b) Victory Medal (1914 – 18)  and the Canadian Silver Cross sent to his next of kin after his death.

The Silver Cross was issued post 1919 and only went to widows and mothers (next of kin) of those who died while in service or after service as a result of service related wounds/illness. Canada issued Memorial Silver crosses (only the Canadians issued them) to the next of kin of anyone who died of service related causes even if they died outside of the CWGC timeframe to qualify as an official WW1 fallen. His service file clearly indicates that Crosses went to his wife and father (possibly sent to the father for the mother or possibly the mother was deceased). His medal card indicates that the widow’s cross was issued/dispatched on December 27, 1932 and that the father’s cross was dispatched January 10, 1933, so he must have died at some point between 1919 and 1932 and the cause of death must have been related back to his war service injury/illness.

Associated place
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WW1 –
Associated name(s)
Winton G LCpl
1914 – 1919 (WW 1)
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Case 46 Medals

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