Gas Goggles

As an evolution of the gas mask created by Colonel Cluny Macpherson CMG FRCS the gas goggles were created; as WW1 consumed resources these goggles were created to cut down on materials. Soldiers with a wound dressing kit or a using their socks would urinate on these to cover their mouth and nose to stop the gas from being inhaled. This would be considered Mark III in the gas mask evolution.

One problem that needed addressing with respirators at the time was the matter of being able to see during a lachrymator gas attack. Although the Black Veil respirator could be pulled over the eyes to offer some protection, the soldier would not be able to see, leading to panic and confusion. Rubber drivers’ goggles had been used in the interim, but lachrymator gas had caused a lot of trouble and disorganization along the Menin Road and at Sanctuary Wood during May 1915. Even the new ‘helmet’ respirators did not protect too well against such gases.

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1914 – 1919 (WW 1)
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Case 19 Gas

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