G Coy Orders Book – Pte Hornibrook Mention in Dispatches

A 6 inch by 9 inch leather bound 2 RCRI, G Coy orders book #4, 20 April 1899 – 14 Nov 1900 after the battle at Paardeberg Drift with the Mention in Dispatches about Pte Hornibrooks from the Officer Commanding.
“Another incident of coolness and pluck was that of No. 7347 Pte. Hornibrook who at daylight in the morning of the 19th instant [sic February] was down with the extreme right of the lines occupied by the enemy the previous day. He was unarmed and came suddenly upon an armed Boer looking for a stray horse. With great presence of mind Hornibrook pretended to be armed with a revolver and called up no imaginary assistance at the same time demanding the man’s surrender. The Boer at once submitted, and on being brought in proved to be one of General Cronje’s adjutants and a most important officer.”

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1891 – 1913 Early years
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Case 11/12 SA
Official Correspondence, Documents


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