Field Service Olive Drab
Field Service Olive Drab

Field Service Olive Drab Uniform 1955: Field Service Olive Drab

Field Service Olive Drab, 1956
Sergeant, Marching Order
First issued in the early 1950s Field Service Olive Drab (FSOD) replaced Bush Dress for summer field wear while Battle Dress continued to be worn during the remainder of the year. FSOD was worn until unification of the Canadian Armed Forces in 1968.
Along with issuing new shirts and pants, a field cap was issued worn without cap-badge. Rank and Regimental insignia were worn on an armlet. The new uniform was followed with new olive drab webbing accoutrements in 1951.

F.S. Peak Cap; bush shirt and pants; blue half puttees; boots; steel helmet; net covering; large pack; 1951 web pattern; waist belt; 2 Bren pouches; mess tins and cover; water bottle and cover; rain cape; armlet with Sgt’s stripes & 48th shoulder titles

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1946 – 1999 Late 20th C.
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Case 6 Fld Uniforms

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