Cpl Tunic Front Africa 1899

RCR Corporals Service Dress Tunic, South African 1899

RCR Corporals Service Dress Tunic
Worn in South Africa 1899.

This Canadian pattern khaki field service tunic was worn with a bandolier and haversack. The Oliver pattern leather equipment replaced buff white accoutrement in 1898 to 1899. The front leather pouch was found to be so uncomfortable by soldiers lying in the prone that the system was redesigned in latter years,

corp. khaki serge tunic; 9 buttons – “Cda Militia”; bandolier – 39 rounds – “692”; haversack – khaki – “RW”; oliver webbing – Sough Africa Pattern; ammo pouch glass canteen pouch; bayonet with frog – Lee Enfield Mk I with scabbard

The war in South Africa (The Boer War) was the first time Canada engaged in a war since Confederation.

Associated place
South Africa
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Boer War
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