Battle Dress 1970
Battle Dress 1970

Combats Battle Order 1970’s

Combat Dress, 1970 Private, Marching Order As part of the sweeping changes that unified the Canadian Navy, Army, and  Air force in 1968 new uniforms were issued. Combat Dress replace both Battle Dress and FSOD and saw the end of the 48th Highlanders distinctive blue putties with the issue of high Combat Boots. In 1970 name tags began to be worn on shirts and regimental helmets and water bottles replaced the previous British style. Insignia restricted to green tags worn on slip-ons. American style
The New 64-pattern accoutrements was designed to complement the new mechanized infantry role, with ammunition being carried in the pockets of the Combat shirt. The C2 rucksack, larger than any previous rucksack reflects the enlargement of the range of equipment and clothing now carried. Kevlar helmet in the 1990s. Combat dress continues to be worn New webbing, Rucksack were issued during the 1980s and a new, although new camouflage uniforms are being phased in.

Helmet with strap, liner & cover, belt with pouches and shoulder straps, Dog tags, D. Chappell (name tag) above right shirt pocket-combat shirt, combat pants, combat boots, water bottle carrier

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1946 – 1999 Late 20th C.
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Case 6 Fld Uniforms

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