CCWO W P Elms MMM CD medals

CCWO WP Elms Medals MMM, CD – Medals

10 medals a) Member of the Order of Military Merit b) 1939-1945 Star c) Italy Star d) Defence Medal e) Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Clasp f) 1939-1945 War Medal g) 1967 Centennial Medal h) 1977 Jubilee Medal i) Canadian Efficiency Medal (George VI) with Clasp j) Canadian Forces Decoration with Clasp


Canadian Forces Reserves  Command Chief Warrant Officer 1976-78

Central Militia Area Sergeant Major 1973-78

Toronto Militia District Sergeant Major 1970-73

Regimental  Sergeant Major 48th Highlanders 1961-1970

Drum Major 48th Highlanders 1955-1961

1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders 1939-1945

48th Highlanders Bugle Band 1936-39

48th Highlanders (Boy Service) 1935-36


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B 73429 Elms, W.P. CCWO, MMM CD
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