Philip Seagram medals mounted

Capt. Philip F. Seagram – Medals

Capt. Philip F Seagram medals – three medals and the memorial ribbon/medal.

  1. Canadian Defence medal
  2. Volunteer service medal
  3. 1939-45 war medal
  4. Memorial medal and ribbon in original black hinged box ( separate accession)

Capt. Seagram (age 30) was the first officer of the 48th Highlanders to be killed in the Second World War – March 8, 1941. While on leave from the Junior Staff College during the bombing blitz of London, on March 8 1941 Philip and several others sought safety in the basement of the Café de Paris near Leicester Square, London, when it was struck by two bombs.  The blast killed Philip and several others. Captain Philip Frowde Seagram was buried with military honours in Brookwood Cemetery

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1939 – 1945 (WW 2)
Location of artifact
Case 53 TBD3
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