Bren MK I machine gun (Inglis 1943) Light

MBFA13, ST3579 (barrel) automatic; gas operated; rate of fire 550 rounds/min; muzzle velocity 2400 ft/sec (731m/sec)
barrel length 25 in, 635 mm; total length 42.25 in, 107.3 cm; Cal .303 British (7.7 mm)
magazine (30 round capacity)
sling, case of magazines, spare barrel , tool kit, travel box
disabled and inspected ; Device includes web sling, takedown and cleaning tools.; Piston extension (right side) has been cut welded for a distance of 6 mm allowing forward and backward movement of the piston and bolt group but not allowing to full forward position.

The name of the gun derives from first two initials of the town of BRNO in Czechoslovakia where the gun was first produced and ENFIELD the name of the Royal Small Arms Factory in England. The gun was first assembled in England in September of 1937 and production rose to about 400 per month through out the war. The Bren was also produced Australia and in Canada at the Inglis plant in Toronto near the CNE grounds.

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1939 – 1945 (WW 2)
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Case 6 Fld Uniforms
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