Al Rohr Boxing

Al Rohr boxing in England – 1 April 1941

A 5 inch (12.7 cm) by 7 inch (17.78 cm) black and white photograph mounted in black wooden frame of Al Rohr in a boxing match in England.

Docherty Brothers Bang Out Victories

Pace Divisional Boxing Team to Canadian Army Formation Title

Program Finished

Somewhere in England, April 1, 1941

A divisional boxing team composed chiefly of fighters from Toronto’s 48th Highlanders, the West Nova Scotia Regiment and the Royal 22nd Regiment from Quebec won the Canadian Army Formation boxing championship in a clean-up of the winter sports program last night.

The winners scored victories in nine of 15 bouts, defeating the team of another infantry division whose members were mainly drawn from the Fusiliers Mont Royal, the South Saskatchewan Regiment and the 8th Reconnaissance Battalion.

The three Toronto Docherty brothers in the 48th started the ball rolling with victories in their bouts. Pte, Bobby Docherty, the Canadian and British Army featherweight champion, got the only knockout of the finals in flooring Pte. Euclide Parisien, Montreal, in the second round. Bantamweight Pte. Harry Docherty defeated L.-Cpl, Georges Mathieu of Montreal.

The winning team got another featherweight victory when Pte. Johnny Kostos outpointed Cpl. R. Tourbin of St.Catherines, Ont. And two more lightweight wins when Pte. Bill Buxton of Victoria, B.C. won from Cpl. Charlie McCarthy of Hamilton, Ont. And Pte. Frank Garner of Halifax trounced Tpr. Stan Folstrom of Regina.

The losing team won three welter weight and three middle weight fights. In the welterweight division Pte. George Proctor of defeated Pte. Freddie Sexton of St. Catherines, Signalman Dan McAllen of Cleveland, Ohio defeated Pte. Fred Embree of Springhill, N.S. and Pte. Don Sudds of Montreal beat Pte. Bob Mossman of Fort William, Ont.

In the Middle weight division Gnr. Bob Carrington of Calgary won from Pte. Alex Sarvnock of New Waterford, N.S. Serge L.B. Norgate of Toronto defeated Pte. Stewart Leader of Regina beat Pte. Al Smith of Toronto.

The sweep was completed by the lightweight victories of Cpl. Joe Trudeau of Edmonton over Pte. Len Rashest of Tweed, Ont. And Pte Tommy Falls of Liverpool, N.S. over Cpl Frank Nieviadomy of Bien Fait, Sask. and the first-string welterweight win of Pte. Al Rohr of Toronto over Pte. Joe Mellman of Hamilton, Ont.

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1939 – 1945 (WW 2)
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