Cross erected the night of 11/12 April 1917 on Vimy Ridge battlefield

48th Highlanders Vimy Cross – On the Vimy Ridge battlefield – 1917

The cross erected by the 15th Battalion following the Capture of Vimy Ridge. On 11 April 1917, 23 Highlanders were killed and their bodies place in a temporary cemetery, “Grave CA 35, Neuville St. Vast, 1000 yards west of Nine Elms Cemetery”. The Vimy Cross with the regiment’s distinctive Celtic circle was erected that night by the regimental carpenter. Subsequently 34 more names were added. After the war the cross in this picture was sent to Canada by the Permanent War Graves Commission after they made inquiries of Canadian regiments to ask if they wished to have their crosses at home. It is believed that only five crosses were sent to Canada.

In 1923 upon receiving their cross the 48th Highlanders mounted it outside the Orderly room door in University Avenue Armouries. In 1963, the 48th moved it to their regimental museum to take a place of honour. The cross is located today in the 48th Highlanders Museum.

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France, Vimy Ridge
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