48th Cross Lamone River

A 7 inch by 9.25 inch map #10 hand drawn by Brigadier Eric Haldenby for Dileas by Kim Beattie, the History of the 1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders during the Second World War.

The Canadians had been in Italy for a year when they liberated Ravenna. It was December 4th, 1944. The Fifth Division is still celebrated today for its bravery in freeing the ancient city. As their actions in Ravenna succeeded, however, another failed. The First Division participated in a hastily-organized attack across the Lamone River, which was repelled by the Germans and forced a Canadian retreat. Together, the Royal Canadian Regiment and the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment suffered close to 200 casualties, some of which were inflicted by their own artillery as they clung to the riverbank.

​Despite this setback, command began the organization of a second offensive across the Lamone, a week from the failure of the first. Nothing was spared in preparing for this attack. Both Canadian divisions, the 1st and 5th, were to attack simultaneously, while a British brigade would conduct a feint attack nearby. The Desert Air Force would support the ground attack by bombing enemy positions on the other side of the river. On 10 December, in the night, Able Company of the 48th Highlanders were the first to succeed in crossing the Lamone River and establishing a beachhead. During their crossing they 48th paused to assist the West Nova Scotia Regiment through their crossing when the West Nova’s were unable to cross at their designated location. The 48th resumed, taking their remaining companies across, widening the beachhead by unrelenting forward assaults, denying the Germans the time and ability to counterattack.

Associated place
Italy, Lamone River
Associated event
Associated name(s)
1939 – 1945 (WW 2)
Location of artifact
Research Room Wall


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