10 PL, B Coy, 48th Bn at Newdigate 1940

Posed photo of men in “B” Coy, 10 platoon at Newdigate England , Aug. 1940

Photo shows :  Alex Dewar, “Big”Dooley,  “Tiny” Leadbetter,  Cpl Frank Newton, Lloyd Duncan, “Red” Bulmer, Joe Kendal, George Coombie, Rynn, Harold Moogh, Ernie Donnely, Sgt. Geordie Hunter, Merle Manders, Pappy Holmes, Bill Goome, Jack Ratcliffe, Cpl. Johnny Holmes, Cpl. Frank Newton,


Associated place
England, Newdigate
Associated event
Associated name(s)
Holmes, Hunter, Manders, Holmes, Gomme, Ratcliffe, Rynn, Moogh, Donnely, ?, Leadbeater, Newton, Duncan, Bulmer, Kendal, Coombie, Dewar, Dooley
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