Tower Box 2021800006 – Photos, bulletins and Documents

(Formerly Box 37) White file box containing; 2023801005, Robert Kennedy WW2 photos; 2023801001 (a-r), Gord Outhwaite photos; 2020005029 and 2020005030, Bulletins by officer’s assn. 2023801007, David Archer photos; 2023802001, Genealogical and military records of LCpl Robert Palmer Crawford; 2023807001, photos of Ceremonial Changing of the Guards in Ottawa; 2023801003, Highlanders rate their own cenotaph newspaper […]

Board of Management of the Sergeants Mess 1914

An 11 inch (27.94 cm) by 14 inch (35.56 cm) black and white photograph of the Board of Management of the Sergeants Mess for the year 1914. Mounted in an ornate 26 inch (66.04 cm) by 30 inch (76.2 cm) wooden frame with bronzed laurel carvings. Back Row Left to Right Sgt. J.E.Phillips; Sgt. G.K.Chisholm; […]

Box of Documents

A cardboard box of files with a wide range of documents: ¬†Large battered file folder from WWII with official recommendations for awards; 10 Jan 1944 CVSM list; Framed code decipher message; CBG SPS 2013-14 binder; 2015 Apeldoorn liberation commemoration booklet in Dutch and English; Copy of Remembrance Volume 4; Pte Tyles attestation papers and photo […]

Cap Badge – Official design 2002

The buckle badge, approved in 1991, returning the badge design components to the badge used from 1891 to 1939, was documented as Official by DND in 2002. The re-approved badge contained a Scottish buckle as did the original. DND, in the mid 1930s, declared that the buckle was a garter of the Order of the […]

Artifact box 2021800004

Small tray-type cardboard box. Contains: 2014001001-005, assorted artifacts; 2019008001, bayonet; 2017046001, LtCol Bent’s bronzed collar badge; 2015012001, panoramic photograph of C company; 2023806001, thistle tablecloth; 2014002001, DVD of ‘Gloria’s Silver Crossing; 2015012002, Ronson lighter and associated documents; 2019013001, photos from Apeldoorn 2005; 2013001001, stereoscopic photograph; 2001001001, postcard of Cpl Painter.