Frame with Photos – Pte. Harold C. McKay

A dark brown wood photo frame with a piece of loose transparent glass as a cover, with a piece of cardboard backing, containing 4 different photos of Pte. Harold C. McKay. Of the 4 photos, 2 photos are in black and white, 1 photo is in sepia, and 1 photo is partly colourized – mainly […]

2021800539 Box of 15th Battalion and 1st Bn Service Records

box  2021800539  contains printouts of  Service Records from Library and Archives Canada.  Each soldier records are individually placed in a legal size file folder. Alston, James, Pte 27643;  Anderson, David Sherrit, Pte, 27299;  Acland, Peregrine Palmer, Capt.;  Bedford, Alfred Carl, Sgt Maj,27635;  Beck, Samuel, Sgt Maj, 1045217;  Armitage, John D, 28114;  Bell, William R, Lt. […]

Change of Command – 32 Brigade Group – Col McEwen to Col Best

On 8 September 2023 the Change of Command for 32 Canadian Brigade Group was held at Fort York National Historic Site in Toronto. The outgoing Commanding Officer, Col John M. C. McEwen, CD handed command to Col Allan Best, CD in the presence of Brigadier-General J. J. Major, MSM, CD. Of note, both Colonels had […]

Ziploc Bag of Military Ribbons and Patches – Pte. Harold C. McKay

Clear Ziploc bag containing two sets of military medal ribbons for: The 1939-1945 star, The Italy Star, and Canadian Volunteer Service Medal (CVSM), one extra medal ribbon piece for The 1939-1945 star, two large red fabric patches for the 1st Canadian Division, and one curved fabric shoulder patch with the words “48th Highlanders of Canada”. […]

Black Paper Pocket Labeled “PAST” – Pte. Harold C. McKay

Black paper pocket made from folded construction paper and stapled on the sides, with a small piece of paper taped to the front and the word “PAST” written on it with pen, containing 5 photos and 5 postcards. The photographs are sepia and black and white and of different scenery: 1 of the photos shows […]